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Worship centers in New Madrid County, Missouri

Nearest Services

Place of Worship

  • Barnes Ridge Church (christian)
    State Highway BB
  • Beech Grove Methodist Church (historical) (christian - methodist)
  • Big Ridge Church (christian)
  • Big Ridge Church (historical) (christian)
  • Crossroads Church (christian)
  • Crow Church (christian)
  • Full Gospel Mission (christian)
  • Huie Church (christian)
  • Hurricane Ridge Church (historical) (christian)
    State Highway E
  • Lily of the Valley Church (christian)
  • Little Vine Church (christian)
  • Macedonia Church (christian)
  • Macedonia Church (historical) (christian)
  • Maple Grove Church (christian)
  • Martins Chapel (historical) (christian)
  • Mound Church (historical) (christian)
  • Mount Olive Church (christian)
  • Mount Zion Church (christian)
  • New Bethel Church (christian)
  • New Hope Church (historical) (christian)
  • New Salem Church (christian)
  • Pilgrim Rest Church (christian)
  • Pilgrims Rest Church (historical) (christian)
  • Pleasant Grove Church (christian)
  • Roberson Church (historical) (christian)
  • Shelby Church (historical) (christian)
  • Stanfield General Church (historical) (christian)
  • Woodrow Church (historical) (christian)
  • Zion Rock Church (historical) (christian)